Aluminiowa żaluzja 25 mm 16 mm w biurze od producenta rolet - firmy Vertex
Aluminium venetian blinds
Horizontal aluminum blinds with 16 and 25 mm slats are one of the most functionaland economical sun-protection systems. They have been used for many years and they still enjoy great popularity.
Drewniana żaluzja łańcuszkowa 25 mm w salonie
Wooden venetian blinds
Horizontal wooden blinds 25 mm and 50 mm – made of topquality wood makes the interior look unique for persons who value natural style and environment friendliness of the product. Covers of the head and bottom rails and other details are made of wood of a similar colour as the slats
Pionowa żaluzja Verticale Exclusive w pokoju gościnnym
Vertical blindsVertical blinds 127 mm and 89 mm perfectly fit large windows and display-windows. Due to their unlimited functionality and elegant look, they are used in private apartments, banks, companies, conference rooms etc. A wide choice of colours makes it possible to match the blinds with the interior design.
Japońskie panele Track
Panel TrackJapanese panels – it is a modern solution protecting the interiors against high insolation. It is a good alternative for vertical blinds. They give special atmosphere of calm and privacy . Additionally can be used to divide interiors, offices, conference rooms, banquet halls, bedrooms and many more.
Okienna plisa obsługiwana uchwytem - producent Vertex
Pleated blindsPleated blinds – it is a perfect solution for apartments, offices or each window – even atypical shape and size. Rich fabrics collection (over 300 fabrics) and 8 colors of profiles make, that we meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.
Wolnowisząca roleta Presto w kolorze A0 13
Free hanging roller blindsClassical forms and colors are suitable for all the interiors. Distinct lushness, light colors, precious materials – gold and silver in relevant amounts constitutes  an outstanding decoration of home and office spaces. For classical arrangements shades of beige or brown work out perfectly.
Roleta Passionata w kasecie
Cassette roller blindsWe are a manufacturer of fabric roller blinds in cassettes that are functional and exceptionally aesthetic window covers. One of their biggest advantages is the function of securing the fabric. After being rolled up in the cassette, the material is perfectly protected against dust and dirt.
Roleta rzymska Bellisima Roma D/N
Roman blindsRoman blinds are not only a good sun shade, but also a stylish decoration for your home. Vertex is an experienced manufacturer of Roman blinds,
offering them in many different colors as well as excellent patterns and designs.
Roleta Passionata Plus Dzień Noc - producent Vertex
Day and Night roller blinds
Day/Night roller blinds turn out to be an elegant and practical solution. They are in high demand among designers and interior decorators. The blinds are made from a special fabric with alternating stripes – transparent and blocking out the sun. The blinds allow for letting in desirable amount of light without being raised.
Dachowa roleta Vivo
Roller blinds for roof windowsThe roller blind has a spring-drive mechanism, so it can be stopped in any random position due to specially profiled guiding profiles and special bottom rail.
Ekskluzywna roleta Modern
Exclusive roller blindsModern window arrangements ought to highlight the style of interior. Currently in fashion are large glazed surfaces letting through plenty of light into the room. The use of suitable fabrics and blinds allows for unique light effect. Moreover, it also allows for adjusting the amount of sunlight in the room.
Rolowana moskitiera od firmy Vertex S.A.
Mosquito netMosquito nets are especially desirable in the summer. Summer is inevitably associated with the troublesome presence of all kinds of insects. A good and effective solution is to equip the house with mosquito nets.
Roleta w skrzynkach aluminiowych – podtynkowych, robiona na pomiar wykonany przez klienta
Roller shuttersThe Vertex company is a producer of external roller shutters. His proposals go to apartments and offices, where they effectively prevent heat loss in winter and sunlight penetration in summer.
Fasadowa żaluzja Typ C-80 od producenta rolet i żaluzji Vertex
External blindsExternal blinds are designed by using innovative technology solutions. They are made with mind of necessity of architects, investors, distributors and final users. System of external blinds gives absolute possibility of configuration the lamella’s position what helps keep insolation level under control.
Tarasowa markiza BLANCA (V-1500)
AwningsSolid external awnings provide excellent protection against the sun, used on terraces and balconies. The high-quality Italian fabric is dirt-repellent.
Przemysłowa brama segmentowa standard 40 mm
GatesSectional garage and industrial doors are available in a wide range of colors. This allows for the appropriate matching of the door color to the color of the windows or facade.
Kraty rolowane z usługą montażu
Rolling grillesThey are made of extruded (drawn) aluminum that provides both: perfect protection and visibility of the room. They are frequently used in display windows, warehouses and in high-ventilation requested rooms.
Roleta Screen Roll SP w kasecie z prętami stalowymi
Screen RollScreenRoll is a modern blinds system which allows to regulate access and the amount of light and heat. Yarns of fabrics are made of fiberglass or polyester coated with PVC. Fabrics are resistant to weather conditions as well as fire and dust.